Some of our most Frequently asked Questions answered here

Can you work on a protected tree?

You can’t carry out any works to a protected tree without consent from your local planning authority. This consent is easily gained through a planning application, for advice simply consult a member of our team and on acceptance of a quote we will complete the application and track its progress at no extra charge.  

Can I cut my neighbours overhanging trees/shrubs?

Unless the tree is covered by a protection order or is found in a conservation area you are within your rights to remove any growth intruding on your property. It is usual to ask the trees owner for permission but it is not required. Keep in mind however that if the works you carry out adversely effects the health of the tree you will be held liable for remedial action. For advice on the best course of action contact a member of the Hall Trees team.

Can you cut trees during the nesting season?

The nesting season does not prevent work being carried out but it does highlight the importance of surveying work areas before work is carried out. A reputable contractor will perform an environmental assessment before commencing works to any tree/shrub to identify potential habitat. This may purely be an unrecorded exercise but they should have an environmental policy to view at your request and also if desired be able to produce a recorded assessment for your records.

What made you want to climb trees for a living?

I’m under no illusions that it may seems like a strange career choice. For me it was love of climbing and the outdoors that made it an easy progression. Ask any member of the team and they will passionately tell you why they love this industry and what guided them to join the Hall Trees team.